Geremia Vinattieri - V1 | 130
A personal animation film in Progress
Trying to learn C4D and stuff
Space exploration has always drawn my attention en inspiration. Inspired by the song Geremia Vinattieri - V1 | 130 I decided to expand my skills. A personal experiment. The making of an animation film based on the story, sound and vibe of the song. 

About the album where Geremia Vinattieri is featured:
“80 UA was created from the Sound Archive published by NASA. The five composers who made the album sampled, processed, reconstructed and synthesised the original sources. The tracks are crafted exclusively from the original recordings of NASA—the only rule the musicians gave themselves.”
The first minute or so will be one big continues shot. Back (from antenna) to front (engines + living modules). Above a small part of shot 1.
Added some sun which was not the plan. Wanted to create a darker vibe in the beginning but thought it looked better to start with a sun lit shot. Showing people where they are. 
Testing the lights on the engine. Made it intentionally dark, don't worry.
The Airlock which will play a bigger part in the scene 2.
Brightening the scene whole. Trying to get a good GI setting without too much grain and lost realisme.
Still way to dark. Can't really get a good way to light it more without to much grain or lose of the vibe I wanted. Needs more light though. Gotta think of something.
The first real stars start to appear. Still to dark though.
An overview of the ship. Left the antenna module, in the middle the fuel cells, to the right the engines, living module, sunshield and a star.
Not sure about the fuel tanks. Way to simple I guess (don't pay attention to the texture, it's a placeholder). 
The first modelling. Making the beams which will support the antenna. Also playing with lights and getting the right feel.
Shot 1 blocked out and synced to music.
Quite unreadable.

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