Golden Caves - How to Care
Music videoclip - Photorealistic VFX & Compositing.
Music & Lyrics
Golden Caves
Frederike Scheffer: Director/Producer
Caylee Nielen: First Assistant Director
Jason Hornung: Camera
Caylee Nielen: Edit
Sanam Saidpur & Thorsten Pinas: Dancers
Denice Zwiers: Art Director
Maarten Mensink: VFX & compositing
Stefan Mandersloot: Color Grading
Pim Ribbers: Assistant
Koen Janssens: Runner
De Achtertuin, Rotterdam
Project overview
Creating photorealistic VFX for use in the Music Videoclip 'How to Care' from Golden Caves.
Golden Caves are one of the most promising representatives of the new generation of Progressive Rock. Significantly, the band from Holland were nominated in the category ‘Limelight’ (greatest talent) of the prestigious Progressive Music Awards in the UK.
A dynamic mix of Prog Rock with modern alternative influences and an infectious pop edge characterizes the music of Golden Caves. A prominent role is played by the radiant front lady Romy Ouwerkerk with her heavenly voice.  
Now – three years after the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Collision’ – there is the release of ‘Dysergy’. The brand new album consists of 10 tracks, all composed by the band itself.  Lead singer Romy is responsible for the lyrics of the songs that deal with the theme: inner struggle and experiencing a disconnection with the outside world.  
Final music-video clip

Raining upwards
Scene 1: 'Raining upwards' - 2 shots

Ice forming
Scene 2: 'Ice forming' - 3 shots

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