In November 2017, Foundation Stichting in Wording takes over the management of the water tower in Hengelo. Live music, exhibitions and meetings make te place come to live again after almost 11 years of vacancy. To celebrate the anniversary of the reopened water tower, we have organised a projection mapping show in collaboration with the Foundation Stichting in Wording. A show where the history of the water tower is told on the tower itself. 
Projection mapping is the projecting of animation and video on an object. By playing custom created content on this object, spectacular visualisations and optical illusions can be shown. The story you want to tell about the object als gets extra impact through the visualisation: the object tells its own story. 

For the water tower, with a height of almost 30 meters, the projection mapping was still a challenge. Four powerful projectors were needed to completely cover the side of the water tower. 1 for the bottom, 1 for the middle and 2 overlapping for the top to compensate for the loss of light. In collaboration with Sophie Reef, history was turned into a moving and flowing story. From the construction for clean drinking water to a new destination as a cultural breeding ground: the water tower told its story in a 15 minute show. 
More than a thousand people visited the show. An inspiring project: on one hand a beautiful contribution to the preservation of this amazing story, building and history. On the other hand a unique challenge of projection mapping a 30 meter high water tower.

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