On the 31st of May 2019, the first energy-neutral bridge in the Netherlands was delivered in the city Hengelo: the (new) Boekelose bridge. The re-opening of the bridge was the starting signal for the redesign of the city district Hart van Zuid. Enough reason to explain the development of this part of Hengelo in a special way. In collaboration with the government we created a unique water projection to tell the story of this city district. From the impact it has had on the city in the past to a look into the future to how this part of the city will became even more sustainable, livelier and more liveable. 
Due to the innovative and thin design of the bridge, projection mapping on the bridge itself was not possible. A different technique was chosen: water projection. 

A huge pump pumps the water from the channel and shoots it against a metal plate. The water sprays 15 meter wide and 8 meter high, and creates a waterscreen. By using a powerful projector and specialised content, the story can be projected onto this screen. 

The city district Hart van Zuid can be seen as the literal industrial engine of the city Hengelo. The large metal and textile industry in the 17th century created an enormous growth and prosperity. The large machines now make way for new high-tech industries and cultural endeavours. Although in a different way than before, the engine of Hengelo is still running. In this water projection of 11 minutes we took the public along in these historical events. The water projection was enhanced by a matching laser show. 

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