The water channel The Willemsvaart has been the most important shipping connection between Zwolle and the river IJssel for over 200 years. Instead of creating a static exhibition, the Foundation Allemaal Zwolle and historical centre Historisch Centrum Overijssel (HCO) were looking for a modern way to honour this history. With the digitisation of the archive of HCO they were looking for an innovative way to spread history. 
A number of proposals have been submitted after which projection mapping emerged as the solution. Through multiple large projections and a large 3 meter wide map of the surroundings of the city Zwolle, we were able to tell the story in an interactive way. In collaboration with historians and partners, a clear story was outlined. This resulted in an 11-minute show. 
An interesting and educational exhibition in honour of the 200 year anniversary of The Willemsvaart. The exhibition took place three times a week for a period of seven weeks. In the first week there were more than a 1000 visitors. 

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